Creepy Crystal Tales, Vol. 4

©2012 by Roger Neal
Illustrations by Phil Monteith

This is the Fourth Volume of Creepy Crystal Tales. The stories in this book are based on actual places in and around the ghost town of Crystal in the late 1800s. The titles of the five stories in this book are: Are You Sure?, Chaos, Down to the Bone, The Dark Angels of Death, and The Aspen Grove Witch.

This is an excerpt from “Are You Sure?”:

“Then, when they got about four down, just a foot from the top of the coffin, the bell stopped ringing. Now that Nancy was breathing normally again, maybe her strength was running out. Only one foot of dirt separated them from saving little Nancy. Two fresh men jumped into the grave and replaced the two men who were exhausted. The last foot of dirt was removed in less than three minutes. They used pry bars force open the lid on the coffin. As the boards were removed….

It’s stories like this that will keep you reading to the end of each creepy tale. These stories include people being buried alive; an enormous grizzly with a price on its head; the spread of a flesh eating disease; a family that earns money by killing others, and a witch from Ireland. These are stories that you will enjoy telling others over and over again.




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