The Yum-Yum Ants

©1999 by Roger Neal

Illlustrations by Laurie Shaffer.

ISBN: 0-916035-98-0


Roger recalls how as a young boy, he held the star drill bit while his father swung the sledge hammer to drill the holes in the Inez Mine. "One summer afternoon, I was splitting firewood and as the aspen log split, black ants tumbled out all over the ground. That night... a new story was told around the campfire." And thus the story of "The Yum-Yum Ants" was born. The Inez mine, warm summers in the Crystal ghost town, the tumbling black ants and Neal's youthful heart and mind filled with childhood memories, came togeth to make this adventure a storybook for all ages.


copyright ©2003-2013 Roger Neal